Another 5!

We are extremely pleased in maintaining our 5 star hygiene rating for the pub. Well done to all of the staff who work very hard to make this possible.

Welcome Heineken

We are very pleased to welcome Heineken onto our bar! Not only does it join our excellent line up of beers on tap we have been lucky enough to get the new ice font ensuring a cool pint in a glass from the freezer! Along with Heineken we now also have Amstel on draught.






We love our four legged friends and we have been working with the excellent Lily’s Kitchen to bring a range of dog snacks and dinners to The Eagle. Look out for The (B)Eagle Dog Food Menu coming soon. Even more reason to come to the pub!!


We are currently giving the pub a lick of paint. Work is nearly complete on the main bar area and is continuing into the the toilets! Come in and have a look!!


We are very sorry, but over the last week our online reservation and contact system has not been working, and all of our emails went out of action as well! We are happy to say we are now up and running again!

Whilst we may know our way round some good food and beer, one area we’re a little in the dark on is the technical side! Two years ago we had a wonderful website built by John at Astutech. Thankfully John and his team has always been at the end of the phone, whilst we have never had a problem with the website we have with the people who host it.

Whilst the problems have been minor the most recent event was a major one meaning we have not received any communication through email or the website. Astutech not only found the problem within an hour of calling, they offered a solution and worked round the clock to sort it out. We now have new hosts for the website and all we’re back up and running! Normally we like to showcase all of our local suppliers in terms of food and drink. However we just wanted to highlight and say thank you to Astutech for their amazing service, and getting us out of trouble.

Give them a look here!!

Tobi’s Tipple

We have had the lovely Tobi’s Tipple on the bar recently. This is a charity beer from our good friends at Norfolk Brewhouse. The idea of the pint is to raise awareness of testicular cancer. For more on how Norfolk Brewhouse helped click here

Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men, but it can be successfully treated in 98% cases if detected in its early stages. The message we are all trying to promote is that men should check themselves once a month for abnormalities and get and changes checked out immediately.

For more information go to

Coming in March!

Burger and a pint of Kozel for £10.

To celebrate the arrival of Kozel we have teamed up with Olda the goat, the official mascot of the Kozel Brewery, and come up with an offer for Monday Nights. Being a goat and speaking with a heavy accent we decided to keep it simple!

A delicious homemade Steak Burger or Mushroom Burger and a pint of Kozel for £10!!

Be sure to book, because with a deal like this and a beer as good as Kozel we will be rammed (get it!)

Thanks Olda!