We live in a county where we are spoilt with the range of local brewers.

We have been extremely fortunate to work closely with a number of brewers to make sure we have the right ales for our customers. Comments are always welcome! If there is something you would like us to sell let us know.

For those of you who visit the pub you will always see beers from the Norfolk Brewhouse, we are particular fans of their ales, and they have even made us our own under the name Golden Eagle Ale. This is a stable on our bar.

We have also had the pleasure of joining Humpty Dumpty for the day and watching the brewing process form start to finish, and even getting involved! Whilst the 5am start was not something we are used to we had a fantastic day seeing how the beer is made. We had our arms twisted and even tried some of the beers whilst we were there.

The batch of beer we saw brewed was Reedham Gold, which we were lucky enough to sell in at The Eagle re branded by Humpty Dumpty in honour of our resident ale expert and manager, Oscar.


Another stable beer we have is from Woodefordes, and we had the pleasure of venturing out to the Fir and Feathers in Stalham and seeing the brewery. We were shown round by Rodger and were able to see the old brewery and the new brewery, both of which are still in operation producing 19,000 barrels of Woodfordes a year!!

Whilst we would always recommend The Eagle or its sister pub The Garden House we highly recommend venturing out to the Fir and Feathers and trying some Woodfordes straight from the source.





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