We are so happy to be back, however please be aware things are different we are trying to make it unnoticeable however we are in a pandemic and we need to follow guidelines for the safety of staff and customers. Trust us we don’t like more rules in the pub and we dislike enforcing them even more. So please be aware of the following and please please remember the staff their are just doing their jobs and following rules for safety. All of us would like nothing more to do our jobs as we used to.

MASKS: Please wear a mask when entering the pub, they can be removed once you are sat at your table. If you need the bathroom or to move around please put your mask back on. We have spare masks available if you need one. If you are exempt we will ask to see proof, please do not be offended if we do.

UES THE WEBAPP: The web app allows you to order online which means less contact with us, and more importantly food and beer when you want it without having to wait for someone to come over! It also meets all the requirements of the track and trace. Do not order at the bar. UPDATE: With the ever growing infection rate we will be asking for the use of the app this is for safety of our staff and customers. Of course we would like nothing more to look after you as normal, but we are asking for minimal contact between our staff and customers.

TABLES OF 6: Groups of people meeting is a maximum of 6 to a table. This includes babies and children; they are people! We will also not accept multiple tables.

MINGLING: Further to the multiple table note there is a law on mingling! This is when there are groups over 6 mix. If we believe that people have purposefully booked multiple tables to have a gathering larger than 6 we will require payment for any open tabs and all parties will be asked to leave immediately

ONE WAY SYSTEMS: There are a number of signed one way systems around the pub to avoid people bumping into each other please use them

CHILDREN: We love families coming in and enjoying the pub, but please note children need to remain seated and the play area is off limits.

10PM CLOSING: By law we have to have everybody off the premises by 10pm this means we have last orders at 9.30 to ensure customers have suitable drinking up time. Full opening and closing times are below.

STAFF: We would like nothing more to be operating as normal however we feel we have found the safest way to keep the pub open and safe. If you do not like certain things please do not take it out on the staff, we have threats of huge fines as well as a responsibility for people’s safety. We operate within the law and guidelines, we have our own rules in place to ensure that we meet these responsibilities exactly.