Based on the very vague rules we currently have if you so wish to make a booking in March please bare in mind the following:

Groups and tables will be restricted to 6 people (so we will be unable to book multiple tables)

We only have 4 tables undercover, and whilst we will be working on the garden between now and then we will be planning for the long term normality, than the short term!

Aside from using the bathroom people will not be allowed inside

The garden is licensed differently from the inside of the pub and it must be empty by 11pm

Bare in mind the above if it rains!

You will have to stay seated and the play area will not be open. Orders will have to be taken at the table or via our app.

Finally please bare in mind we may or may not agree with the rules however we have duty to follow them and have been regularly inspected. We can not afford to tolerate any bending of the rules, pubs are losing licenses and being fined, so please respect that we will follow them and do not blame the staff for having to enforce them. It is not their choice to do so.

We can’t wait for all of this to blow over and have a nice cold pint in a sunny beer garden. We’re nearly there!!


The Eagle